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Havelock North High School

The 100 Block at Havelock North High School is an S68 plan which was the common design for New Zealand secondary schools opened between 1971 and 1979. These schools are all characterised by single-storey classrooms of concrete block construction, with low-pitched roofs and internal, open courtyards. When the planning for the project began, the school was clear that while the S68 design of school had been built when the style of schooling was very much about putting a teacher in a box with 20 to 30 kids and a piece of chalk, modern learning styles demand more flexible spaces and are also heavy in their use of technology.

Following consultation with teachers and research into new trends in modern learning spaces, a concept which rethought how the curriculum is delivered, and what kind of school facility is required to support that, was developed for the 100 Block. It involved breaking out of the limitations of the traditional class room, and into a much more interactive learning environment. We were very sympathetic to these factors and created a new form to the building, which worked to enable external, as well as internal learning spaces. The refurbishment also created spaces that were bright, light, warm and inviting

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